On Demand Webinar - Driving Sales in a Digital World:
The Best Practices of a Global Brand

Learn how to implement "digital-first" strategies across your company to boost sales

Consumers are deciding where, how, and when they shop and buy. Many retailers and brands are struggling to adapt to creating and managing the digital experience this demands. Investing in building compelling brand and product content experiences is foundational for eCommerce.

Faisal Rangwala from the Johnson & Johnson Digital Center of Excellence will share the people, process, and technology innovations that their global team are using to drive sales on the digital shelf. He will explain how they built scalable processes and capabilities which are being scaled globally across the portfolio of brands in an effort to ensure the highest impact, consistency, and levels of quality.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the case for digital: Why this global brand prioritized the product experience on their digital shelf
  • Build organization for your content: The best practice for moving from content confusion to one single source of content truth
  • Boost results for your brand: Combining the right people, process, and technology can drive purchase intent, conversion, and sales
This webinar is perfect for anyone looking for a practical example of how to transform product content at your company to deliver better digital shopping experience for customers.

Faisal Rangwala, Sr. Product Manager, Ecommerce Digital Capabilities, Johnson & Johnson

Live Webinar Date:
Tue, Jun 28, 2016

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